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No petrochemicals or palm oil. Contains only renewable, biodegradable ingredients that care gently for your clothes. Natural lactic acid reduces limescale and usage of water softeners. Suitable for Vegans.  

Made in Germany.

Usage instructions are as follows:

Use 20ml (about 2/3 of a cap) per 2.5kg dry washing.  Please follow washing instructions on the garment.  Bottle contains sufficient for about 25 washes.

Please follow the instruction written on the packaging- this way your wool covers and clothes will not shrink or felt. You shoudln’t use more of the conditioner or soak your covers for longer than its necessary (3-4 hours). Water you use for rinsing should be in the same temperature as the water you just took off your covers from. If the wool cover is soiled with babys poo, first wash it away with strong stream of water. Try not to rub to fabric, but if you have to- do it with your fingers, do not rub one piece of fabric with another. If you follow this instructions, it will help you to keep your cover its original look unchanged.

Capacity: 200 ml

Ingredients: 5% - < 15% non-ionic tensides, < 5 % anionic tensides ( Sodium Coco Sulfate ), lactic acid, benzyl alcohol.

Compositions 5% - max. 15% non-ionic tensides, max. 5 % anionic tensides ( Sodium Coco Sulfate ), lactic acid, benzyl alcohol
Certificates Nature Care Product Standart (NCPS)
Capacity 500ml/ sample 30ml

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