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Ullarsápa - Potassium flögur
Ullarsápa - Potassium flögur

Ullarsápa - Potassium flögur

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Flakes of pure soap can be hydrated to create cleaning, laundry or washing solution. They are perfect for making lanoline treatment together with solid lanoline.

Soap flakes are a concentration of pure soap that are specially formulated to clean gently and launder naturally. They can be used for green cleaning, bathing, laundering, and washing. Soap flakes are good for babies, pets, and people with allergies, sensitive skin, and tattoos.

They are perfect for making semi-soft, cream, and liquid soaps by adding the right amount of purified water. Soaps that are made to be liquid from the start use potassium hydroxide for saponification and leave a residue which can be harmful to sensitive skin, and can acquire in natural fibers, such as wool and wood, over time causing fraying and dryness. 

Soap flakes are perfect for laundering and hand washing delicate fabrics and natural fibers such as cotton, silk, chiffon and specially treated waterproof sports and outdoor clothing. Most natural fibers and delicate fabrics benefit from the gentle cleansing and restorative properties of soap flakes. Babies blankets are extra soft after washing in soap flakes.


  • For laundry, cleaning, and craft use

  • No bleaches, phosphates, enzymes or perfume

  • 100% vegetable base, not tested on animals

  • Kind to skin and fabric

  • Gentle, pure, biodegradable, for top loading and front loading washing machines and for washing items by hand

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