PeenutWrap Cover

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PeenutWrap Taubleyjucover frá Tots bots

Ath : Munið að velja stærð 1 eða 2 við kaup. Coverin eru almennt "onesize" en stærð 1 hentar nýburum og minni börnum betur (t.d fyrirburum). Almennu upplýsingarnar er að one size (size 2) coverin passi börnum 3,5-15 kg.

Ath Ath: Innlegg eru seld sér hér.

A simply brilliant two-piece reusable nappy system. Use this waterproof wrap with the PeeNut 3-in-1 absorbent pad or the Bamboozle Stretch night-nappy.

Using the wrap with the PeeNut absorbent pads: A cost-effective day-time system, as you don’t need to change your PeeNut wrap every time, each PeeNut wrap can be used for 3-5 consecutive changes. Simply remove wet pad(s), wipe down your wrap and pop in a clean pad(s). This makes for a super economical nappy system.

Using your wrap with our Bamboozle Stretch: Most popular for night-time, simply pop the waterproof PeeNut wrap over your absorbent bamboo nappy and it’s an uninterrupted sleep for you and a sound night sleep for baby.

Plastic is fantastic at TotsBots as we’re the first reusable nappy company in the world to make 100% of our waterproof fabric out of recycled plastic bottles, repurposing waste that was destined for landfill and turning it into something wonderful. Now you can reduce, reuse and recycle with TotsBots.

Fits from ‘birth to potty’ 9-35lbs.

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